Build Process

1. Research and Basics

In this phase I will ask you to think about what you want to achieve with your website, your target audience and the main points you wish to put across.

2. Website Plan

I will discuss with you the overall website functionality, layout and branding/logo colours you would like to use. From this I will have a better idea of how your website should look and feel.

3. Content (Text/Images)

Content is one of the most important areas as it is how you will communicate with potential and returning customers. Taking a look at your competitors websites and seeing the type and style of content displayed can give you a better idea of what you want to include on your website. You will also want to think about the images you want to display and where on the site they will have the most impact.

4. Build

Using the information and research gathered, I will begin to build your website in stages. The first being an overall base to build from, then I will add any styling or branding colours, ready to start adding your content and images. Finally the finishing touches will be added, such as social media icons, maps and any other features previously agreed upon.

5. Test

Now that your website has been built it is time to begin testing every area including links, responsiveness, visitor tracking and general site features.

6. Launch

The build and test processes have now finished and the time has come for your new website to go live to the public. You will be provided with any additional information needed such as hosting/domain details and account logins etc.