Skype is great for both personal and business use


Many of you will of heard of Skype and no doubt plenty of you also know the basics of how it works. For those that don’t, I will briefly go over what you need to know. Skype is a program, which is also available as an app on smart phones and tablets, which allows you to make calls to all other Skype users for free. You can also add credit, purchase minutes and even purchase international call packages, most of which will save you money. To sum it up, Skype is basically like having a mobile phone on your computer.

When you open your Skype account you choose a username, this will be the id people use to call you when it is Skype to Skype. One feature which I really like about Skype is that you can buy local phone numbers in the UK. This is ideal if you work from home and do not want to pay BT’s extortionate rates when it comes to having an additional line. Another negative of BT’s business numbers is that you have to purchase your VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone directly from them and it is not what I would call an affordable option.

Voicemail is available on Skype which I feel is really important if you are going to use it to handle your business calls. You can of course record your own message to add that extra personalised touch in the event you do miss a call.

Video calling is a feature that can be used with great success for example say you are a graphic designer creating a logo or branding for another business you have the ability to connect and have a face to face consultation. This is ideal if you work on freelance websites nationally or internationally.

To explain the next feature I will use an example. Say you have a work mobile and you find yourself out of the office a lot you can set up your Skype account/number to forward through to your work mobile thus ensuring you never miss a call and you also have the added benefit of all your work calls going to one place. All you have to have to set this up is some Skype credit or purchase a subscription and enter the phone number you want to forward your calls to.

If someone adds you or you add them to your contact list, not only can you make calls as explained above, but you also have the option to instant message just like MSN, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp etc. Sending files such as images, audio, movie clips is also enabled.

One of the best bits about Skype is the fact it is free for all to download but the huge amount of features included cannot be overlooked. I personally recommend Skype to all my friends and family both for personal and business use. If you would like to check it out today click here to be redirected to the download page.

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