Social media and your business

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Before the age of the online social revolution we would get recommendations from friends and family or grab the Yellow pages and flip through until we found a business which offered what we were looking for. We have now moved into a new age where we share every detail about what we like, what we don’t and even where we shop online via social networks.

We have a range of social networks to choose from, such as Facebook which caters for both businesses and individuals, to LinkedIn which has been designed from the ground up for professionals. You could describe LinkedIn as being your online CV.

Networking sites allow businesses to create pages where you can post goods or services you offer, special deals and you can build a following such as on Facebook, where your business page will have a ‘like’ button for all to press if they so choose. One of the biggest pros of social networks, yet it should be the most obvious, is having the ability to discuss and communicate directly with all of your potential customers without having to go anywhere. From an SEO standpoint social media links (i.e. the link from your business page to your website) will be seen as a valuable, trustworthy link in the eyes of Google. Social signals are also another element of social media which Google likes to see. Social signals are the same as hearing a good review from a friend, for example, a restaurant where they enjoyed a good meal, only the online equivalent. On Facebook, social signals would be likes or shares and on YouTube this would be likes and subscribers.

Personally, I would always recommend having a Twitter account, Facebook (business) page and a Google + business page. LinkedIn is a serious contender but is levered more towards professionals and businesses, so may not be useful if your target customer base is the general public although as mentioned earlier it can be used effectively as an online CV and is great for making business connections locally, nationally and internationally.

Remember to always complete your profiles, upload a profile image and post regularly. I would try and post once a week with updates such as new products, special offers and any thing else you think your customers would be interested to hear.


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